Kildare PPN...

  • Facilitating representation of communities on decision making bodies

  • Strengthening the capacity of organisations to contribute positively to the community

  • Distributing information relevant to the environmental, social inclusion & community sectors

  • Giving each member organisation an equal vote

Programme For Plenary Meeting - 27 March 2019

Programme Details for the Plenary Meeting

THE BIG HELLO! - National Community Weekend - May Bank Holiday 2019

Event aims to strengthen community ties and tackle social isolation
Full Details on the National Community Weekend

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To Register with the PPN, Organisations must be part of one of three sectors/Pillars...

  • Voluntary/Community - objectives and activities should focus on community responses to local issues/concerns and promote improvement of quality of life and community well-being

  • Social Inclusion - primary objectives must be social inclusion, social justice and equality

  • Environment - primary objectives must be environmental protection/sustainability - acceptance onto the Environment College is determined by the National Environment Pillar.

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